Ecofriendly and
Inspiring Artwork
by Elena
Custom Wire Wraps,
Stones, and Healing
Crystals  Your trusted source for 
custom hand made jewelry and custom wire wraps

                             Ecofriendly, Inspirational Art
                                                by Elena

*Professionally Creating Beautiful Art Since 2011* 

*Finalist in the Portland RAW Artist Awards 2013 for Accessory Design*

*Featured in About Face Magazine*
      Elena enjoys working with all types of art, creating is a passion of hers. She has         experienced many different forms of creative endeavors including painting, drawing,     poetry, writing, fashion, and photography. All manifestations are created with love,     nurturing with it's energy and visual appeal. She is inspired use Earth friendly products     and recycled materials in anything that she brings into being, creating with integrity                                                    and regard for beautiful Earth.

Her most utilized talent is wirewrapped crystal jewelry - much of which is completed on    a commissioned basis. Elena believes that crystals are a form of Earth art in themselves     and it is her job to highlight them while making them wearable. She started making               jewelry out of a desire to bring healing stones out of people's pockets and       instead displayed as the artwork that they are! She prides herself on detailed, durable,   unique, and ecofriendly creations. Please explore the website tabs to find information                                 on crystal jewelry and Elena's other projects. :)

Elena is always open to ideas for custom work, especially that of jewelry and painting. There are also many original artistic items and jewelry creations readily available in the online store. 

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Appointments are also available locally!

Elena is infinitely grateful to her customers and the people who support her work - she could not do it without them!

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